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Tensar Triton® Systems

Tensar Triton® Coastal and Waterway Systems feature a number of innovative composite marine structures used for construction applications in and around water. Triton Systems are made of advanced geogrid and geotextile materials and are designed to be integrated with available fill and/or vegetation.

Flexible and resilient, Triton Systems are available in various styles and thickness options to meet specific project requirements.

Click on the links below to visit the Tensar website where you can view further details on the different systems and components:

  • Triton® Filter Mattress System
  • Triton® Gabions and Triton® Gabon Mats
  • Triton® Geotextile Tubes
  • Triton® Grid Composite System
  • Triton® Marine Cells
  • Triton® Marine Mattress System
  • Vegetated Reinforced Soil Slopes
  • Triton® Systems CAD Details

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