Choosing the right erosion control solution is half the battle against costly erosion. The other half is proper installation. North American Green offers a wide variety of installation products to help secure a successful project. The fastener selection guide is designed to help you identify the installation products suitable for your next project’s site conditions.

The fastener selection guide can be download above or by clicking on the images below. 

Wire Staples

- For use in cohesive soils, wire staples are a cost-effective means to fasten RECPs. Available in 6 in, 8 in, 10 in, and 12 in lengths, our U-Shaped staples can reach to various depths to ensure adequate pull-out resistance.

- For installation with our handy Pin Pounder installation tool, 6-inch Circle Top Pins and V-Top Wire Staples are available. The V-Top Wire Staples have two legs for increasing holding power in loose soils and areas subject to frost heave. Both fasteners can be used in nearly any type of soil.


- Our  biodegradable BioSTAKEs® provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to metal staples, and are available in 4 in and 6 in lengths.


- Our wooden EcoSTAKEs® deliver greater holding power in applications requiring a 100% natural fastener. We offer a 6 in and 12 in EcoStake for use with our RECPs as well as 18 in and 24 in straight stakes for use with our Sediment control products.

Rebar Staples

- For severe applications needing ultimate, long-lasting hold try our 12 in and 18 in rebar staples. The rebar staples are made from 3/8 inch rebar.

ShoreMax Stakes

- Our UV-stabilized ABS plastic 12 inch ShoreMax® Stakes are virtually indestructible and provide long lasting, secure anchoring of ShoreMax transition Mats, VMax®Composite Turf Reinforcement Mats, and SediMax straw wattles and logs.

Earth Anchors

- Manufactured exclusively for Tensar's North American Green's® product line, our earth anchors reach deep into the soil strata to offer enhanced anchoring in the worst conditions. When combined with high-performing turf reinforcement mats (HPTRMs) they can offer a system that controls erosion and reinforces vegetation in the most extreme situations.
- Our variety of earth anchors are designed for durability and holding power under extreme hydraulic stresses and adverse soil conditions.

Learn more about North American Green products view the product application chart here.

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